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WAVmaker turns MIDI files of virtually unlimited polyphony and complexity into CD-quality WAVs with perfect timing precision, using fully editable instrument patches and samples of virtually unlimited size, without the noise and distortion introduced by conventional recording: the rendering process is performed entirely in the digital domain, independently of your sound hardware. In fact, you don't even need a sound card to run WAVmaker! The WAVs produced are ready to be burnt on CD, uploaded to a website or processed further (e.g. mixed with recorded vocals). All registered WAVmaker packages include the GSound 44 General MIDI and GS instrument library: a CD-ROM with full, ready-to-use GM and GS sets consisting of 3+ MB PRG patches and 261+ MB 44.1 kHz, 16 bit WAV samples! WAVmaker Plus adds a Mellosoftron key for easy patch creation/editing and real time performance. WAVmaker Studio also includes an Ace of WAV key for advanced sound editing and synthesis.

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